Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Shackles (The Movie)

I love it. Not because of the main character and how I think he’s good looking, and a great actor (even though he is lol) but because of the subtext. You can overcome adversity, whether it be by yourself, or with someone’s help.

Face it, everyone needs a little help every now and then.

The poetry displayed in this movie is AWESOME. Poetry slams are AWESOME. It’s about the words you write, and how you display them to an audience. It’s similar to rapping, but it leans more towards acting, and the skills you display to get your words across in just a few minutes. you need those few minutes to capture the audience, really get them to FEEL what you’re saying.

An excerpt from the movie. I LOVE the way this dude expresses this particular poem. It’s passionate. It’s fiery as fuck. And it’s REAL.

I'm A Long Shot.
But I Still Make Moves + Breathe
Because This Life Is All I Got
I Tried To Write, But I Stress My Girl
And She Sighs A Lot.
I Tried To Write But
Good Intentions
Don't Really Buy A Lot
This Is An Island Full Of Long Shots
But The Streets And Corners Is All We Got
Yo, Check The Snapshot
Right Now, Some Ghetto Child Is Thinking
"When I Big Up, I'm Gonna Get Me Some Mad Cuban Links"
And He Zoned Out Staring At The Roaches In The Sink
And Even Though The Stars Shine Down On Him
He On The Brink And He Aint Got No Jumpshot
So It's Mickey D's Or The Streets And What Do You Think?
We Aint The Only Ones On The Long Shot Brink
Check It - I Want To Take It Back To Before You Felt Less Than
I Want The Voices Back To How My Grandpa Was Blessed Then
This Is My Life And You Can't Have This
Even If Your Mama Told You, You Could Probably Handle It
This Is The True Ballad Of The Long Shot
In Case You Can't Understand It.
Cuz We Live Boxed Up In Concrete + Steel
On What Should Be Called A Devil's Island
But The Stakes Are So High, If You Close Your Eyes And Listen
*Pause For Effect*

I Think This Is Where God Lives
There's A Goddess In The Rivers, Hoping To Wash Our Sins
But These Scars I Carry Aint Definitive
Cuz We All Got Marks To Show That We Lived
Oh We Weren't Supposed To Make It This Far But We're Still Here
And Got Mad Love To Give, 'Cuz We All Up In This
Whether We Be Either Both Sons Or Fathers
If You're Feeling Your Boy, I Need You To Holla!!

Shackles Movie Trailer (2005)
First Poetry Slam

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